Project Description



AR Football coaching and training platform

China has the world cup set in its sight as the goal (pun intended) and for this we developed a digital platform for coaching: Virtual Football Academy. The coming few years, football schools in China will be implementing this app for the training of both coaches and students. For this we have both an app for the coach as well as the student, for both tablet and phone.


The coaches themselves can be coached by experienced internationals. They can manage teams and students, monitor progress and homework as well as follow training programs. Through augmented reality an Optimal Player can be shown next to the student to show how a certain trick is performed. The student can then be compared to the example and graded.
The student can get insight into team info, their progress, different programs, group-chat and film their homework and send it directly to be graded. The app shows all progress from all the different categories and levels.

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